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Creativity cannot be forced

Niki1988's Livejournal page

lindsay aka niki1988
Hello LJ Lovers!! My name is Lindsay when I’m not online, Niki1988 is my LJ name when I am and if u feel like it, u can call me Nicole or Niki. I’m also on Facebook if you’d like to chat outside of LJ. I’m a great listener when it comes to personal issues. We all have demons, but that doesn’t mean we let them control us. I used to, but never again.

I’m Biracial; Half African American/Half White, and half Irish/half African American. My birth Father is African American and no longer apart of my life and my birth Mother is White and our relationship is stronger than ever. We have our fights, but that doesn’t mean that we have ever stopped loving each other.

I’m Bi. I like Men and I like Women sometimes. I’m also a Christian and am for Gay rights because they have just as many rights as we do.

I’m 28 and getting my current tattoo finished. My family and I love tattoos. I have almost 13 to 14 of them and am in the middle of saving for a half sleeve and need help raising the money. If you’d like to know more about that, let me know.

I am hoping to be married to the guy that will love me for me and will never hurt me and will raise 4 to 5 children with me. At the moment, that dream is on hold unfortunately due to the fact that I have POS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which at the moment is preventing me from being a Mother, but it's getting so much better that in the future, there a big chance I will be able to give my Mom Grandchildren.

Favorite Fandoms: BtVs, Charmed, Angel, Twilight Saga, Gossip Girl, The Mortal Instruments, TVD, The Originals

Favorite Ships: Willow/Angel(us), Buffy/Cordelia, Cordelia/Faith, Nate/Vanessa, Piper/Leo, Paige/Henry, Phoebe/Cole, Angela/Riley, Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Clary/Jace, Damon/Elena, Bonnie/Enzo, Caroline/Klaus, Elijah/Hayley, Wanda/Bucky

Favorite movies: Anything with Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Mermaids

I can’t make fan graphics of any kind, only write my fanfic, pick out the songs/titles/costumes/places and other things. That’s it.

I have a learning Disability that is a form of Dyslexia, but is more of Process Interference and I usually don’t understand things that everyone else around me does. I try my best on the times if interferes with my writing and want my writing to be what everyone else will love as well. .